September 10, 2010
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would you consider me a strong person?
the thought of being challenge not only by one self
but by family
like mom dad brothers etc
its another hard ache
some peopple have drug addictions
some are alcholics, those are their challenge.
mine might seem selfish and riddiculous
when all the world around is suffering starvation
and homelessness
all the pain and loneliness daily people go thruogh without
someone noticing.
tunnels with no return
no exit signs
no flash lights
just the eyes in your face.
they eye which meets the mind
the mind that triggers the brain
the brain who struggles for survival
YOU have too look for that survival
if your extincts dont trigger your mind
your brain struggles
and if theirs a struggle there is no eye to see the way
if theirs no tunnel
theirs no pain
if theirs no pain
there isnt any suffering
if theirs no suffering
theirs NO PROBLEM....

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