Is it time for change?

September 10, 2010
By Livelovelaughl BRONZE, Oejrh, Pennsylvania
Livelovelaughl BRONZE, Oejrh, Pennsylvania
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I need some more
It’s all I ever think about these days
I know I’m not supposed to
But it’s making me feel so crazed

How do I get some more?
I lay awake in bed, some nights
Thinking, thinking, thinking
Just a little more, it gives the other me a fright

She’s always in the back of my mind
Telling me to stop thinking like that
Nagging me everyday
“Stop being so stupid, you piece of s***”

She really wants me gone
She says this every day to my face
Maybe I will disappear one day
And that other girl will have more space

Both of us hate each other
We really are opposites, in every way
I love myself but she has a point
Maybe I’ll take a rest soon but I think I’m here to stay

I think it’s time to change things up
I’ll back off for a little bit
I can sit back and relax
Let her take over and stop giving me all this s***

I’m always going to be here
The question is how big will I be?
Will this be our life forever?
Or will I change and finally be set free

What the worst that can happen
If I give that other girl a shot
I guess I’ll try and put those thoughts away
Of drinking and smoking pot

Our life is to good
I don’t want to waste it away
So I’ll sit back and relax
But I’ll always be here to stay

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