September 10, 2010
By Livelovelaughl BRONZE, Oejrh, Pennsylvania
Livelovelaughl BRONZE, Oejrh, Pennsylvania
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She keeps screwing up
Day in and day out
She’s the one that wants to keep doing this
It makes me want to shout

Why doesn’t this girl get out of the way
I know how to take control too
I know what’s best for us
I can make our life new

Why does she like to smoke?
And drink with all these new “friends”
What’s so great about all that?
If it means our life may come to an end

I will admit it’s pretty exciting
And I wouldn’t deny it’s fun
But to me, it’s not worth it
Especially when I might have to be on the run

Me and this other girl
We are one in the same
I guess I have to get along with her
She should just disappear, it’s such a shame
She’s screwing up both our lives
Making me miserable as well
She’s mean sometimes and
She always wants to rebel

I’m not saying that I’m perfect
Or suggesting she’s a bad seed
Our life has just come to a stop
And I really would like to proceed

So stop all this nonsense
You stupid other girl
I want to live a happy life
And have everything in the world

I’m trying really hard
I just want to break through
I’m not giving up
Until I’m bigger and stronger than you

The author's comments:
I just wrote thiss becasue I'm really confused right now on who I am and it feels like there's two different people in my head telling me what to do.

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