A Gift

September 7, 2010
By Chris.S.T GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
Chris.S.T GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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Or as Twisted as the Night sky"

This girl, with spunk, this girl
goes all out, she does not
shave away from the crowd,
there she is letting those
beautiful little lips speak her
heart, this girl who i so deeply
love, my heart burns when i see
you, this flame goes crazy inside
me, i'm in love with this girl,
i prayed for hope, i prayed for
love, god gave me you, god gave
me the girl who exquisitely match
the intensity of the fire in my
heart, with every spoken word
i melt under the beauty of this
girl, this one little, who is more
then anyone i have ever known,

I pick my heart and thrust at thee,
i trust it in capable hands, in your
hands, you hold an object more
fragile then glass, one careless notion,
and it may shatter, no fixing the
unfix-able and delicate structure
of a heart.

My tears spread across my cheek,
tis not anger no sadness, but mere
happiness, the mere thought of you
brings me to my knees, i have loved
thee since my eyes had first laid on yours,
those brilliant ocean eyes that
dance under the nights moon and sing
tales of love, i speak to you as if no
other were around, i speak of love,

This girl is no mere girl, she is my girl.. she is....

A gift.

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