Flames Long Forgotten

September 7, 2010
By Jet102409 BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
Jet102409 BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
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The flames in our relationship is long gone
I want to know where things went wrong
Everything seemed perfect, it was only me I guess
But you didn’t feel the same way I must confess

You hid something from me, you knew it would hurt me
But still you did it, how much pain have you caused me
You are so stupid, you thought I’d never find out
When I saw the proof, you fulfilled all my doubts

It was a sight to see us scream and shout
You couldn’t believe I called you out
You pled for forgiveness, you asked for my trust
But of course I just left you, out in the dust

I will never forgive you, that I said
You left me with a feeling of dread
I will admit, times have changed since then
I can say I have forgiven you all over again

When you see me in the street
I’ll try to be nice and sweet
I’ll give you a friendly smile
But don’t think I’ll forget about us for awhile

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