Heaven Destoryed

September 6, 2010
By Hannah Church SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
Hannah Church SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Heaven meets earth in a swish of green and blue, the sky gently kissing the water. Sun yawning, slipping behind the horizon in a daze. Stars fly across black, planets swirl and twirl. My peace on earth originated here, on these sugary sands and salty sea. Here, there are no people. Only the Earth, the wind, the water. When double digits struck and havoc broke out, a vast fire spread its way through my heaven. Everything flared up in a mess of red, flames licking at my only piece of paradise. The tallest trees become short, the torquoise sea dries up, the sugary sands become black with soot. Everything explodes and my world has become dark. No more Earth, no more wind, no more water. I thought that fire, the red flames destroying everything stable in my life, was the worst part. I thought when it was over, I could breathe again. But I'm still suffocating, black air engulfs my world. The fire was better than this. There was color, light. Even if it hurt, I still felt alive.

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