September 18, 2010
By SoundTechie BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
SoundTechie BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"In the Theater the audience wants to be surprised, but by things that they expect."- Tristan Benard

When I was a small child just learning of the world
My favorite color, my favorite shade
Was Blue
I'm sure at the time that I had first picked it
It probably had no semblance
Just the fact that it's pretty was surely the only thought in my mind at the time
But as I grew up
Entered Middle School
I realized that Blue was great because it screamed of the freedom I didn't have
A sky that is endless to all of us on the ground
The ocean that starts life, and takes it just as quickly
A powerful freedom
That was was blue symbolized for me
And yet now that I have gone through two years of high school
Blue has faded away
Becoming a dream that was dashed against the rocks
But Red
Ah now that color is promising
It's passion, fire, strength
Everything that I am
Red is classic the way a black dress is
And yet most people can't pull the color off
You have to hold your head high when you wear red
Because you become the color
You have to flick off the world
Give a small smirk and say
"Yeah I'm awesome, and you know why?"
"Cause my favorite color is purple."

The author's comments:
Since I love everything that has to do with colors I thought long and hard about what my favorite color is and why. What I came up with is that I have two favorite colors, sure one has slightly faded because of childhood memories. But the other is still vibrant. And they can be mixed together to create a color that is truly me.

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