September 9, 2010
By krisssydee BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
krisssydee BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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i never slammed so many doors.
i never cursed so loudly.
i never been so mad at God for doing this to me and my family.
i never begged God so much for peace.

it hurts worse then when me & that guy broke up.
it hurt worse then when you took my phone.
it hurt worse when i got my first woppen.

i never cried so hard.
i never had this bad of a break down.

it hurt worse then when he took my virginity without asking.
it hurt worse then when i lost my best friend.

u been there all my life.
what can i do.
it hurt so bad.

i never felt this bad
i never wanted to hear i love you soo bad.
i never wanted the silence to stop so bad.

look me in my eye.
tell me its all lies.
take back what you said.
tell me you at least care.

never wanted to run away so bad.
never been so grateful

this isnt the time or the place.

i dont want love to destroy me like it did my family.

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