Pain stained window

September 9, 2010
By BrittyGoesBanqq GOLD, Niles, Ohio
BrittyGoesBanqq GOLD, Niles, Ohio
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The days are long and dark
the pain isn't pain anymore.
just when you thought you couldnt stand it at all,
that small sliver of light you had once spotted,
All once was there, and slowly disappers leaving you trembling on the cold glass floor.
Trapped in your own death bomb
listening to the slow 'tick tick'
waiting and antisipating on whats next.
As you envy every beautiful creature that strides past your pain stained window.
Your ghost white face pressed so hard against yoiur pain glass
you slowly hear a crack,
you punch and kick, scream and yell
the whole time you had a chance
just a small chance.
now look at what you've done,
blood on your pain stained window
Hush now baby, dont say a word,
just close your eyes and fall into a new world.

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