How to write a Short Story

September 9, 2010
By VWordsmith GOLD, Toronto, Other
VWordsmith GOLD, Toronto, Other
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Sit down. Find a desk, a plush chair.
Rack your brain
Look back on your life, on those super
important, vital life experiences,
or maybe the ones that
Weren’t so vital.
Start thinking about the ones that
kept you up all night,
In fits of rage, suppressing tears or
Even a small smile.
Be inspired by yourself!
Don’t discriminate, any idea is good now
Create characters, be inspired by you,
Your life,
Neighbours, friends, acquaintances
you rarely meet. Enemies, or maybe even
strangers on the street.
Connect. Create story lines.
Be God.
Kill. Create. Reincarnate.
But don’t go too mad with power.
Or diction. Try kissing instead of
“osculation”. There’s still more:
Restructure, re-edit, rewrite (remember those)
And when you’re sure it’s over:
Be proud of your prose.

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on Sep. 25 2010 at 1:00 pm
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

So insanely true!! Know what you write and write what you know, awesome!!


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