Take My Hand

September 6, 2010
By ggoodwin BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
ggoodwin BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
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What can I say,
I’m old-fashioned
So put the phone away
Set the controllers aside
And come dance with me under the starlight
For now is our time to shine
This is our moment
Don’t waste it with the frivolities of technology
Cancel the emails
Shut the IMs
And send me a letter
The kind that appear in cursive and follow with such a smile
That an email could never give
Delete the texts
Erase the micro-chip
And whisper to me the secrets of your inner being
Count the freckles on my cheeks
Not the numbers on your calculator
Stop the car
Crash the mo-ped
And let’s run through the hills
Where our hearts hold no bounds
And technology can never replace the quick beating of my heart
Next to yours
Say goodbye to the cell
The Macbook will forgive you
Sorry, old green Ford
And say hello to the light in my smile
And the touch of our lips
And the feeling of pure, recklessly daring life

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