Land of Opportunity

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We live here…
We shop here…
We work here…
We are here…

In this so called Land of Opportunity,
Land of the American Dream.

More or less,
What is it really is,
It is a place of
Of Broken wings
And Shattered Dreams.

A place that teaches and advocates
The Pursuit of Happiness
But only gives way to misery.

A place where freedom is promised, but
A place where tradition and ideals are a must
A place where diversity and acceptance are taught
A place where such notions are shunned when they knock at its door.

At the door of the Land of Opportunity.
From the outside
The ideal place,
The place where the streets are paved with gold,
Where you’re accepted wherever you go,
From the outside…

What is the land of opportunity really?

Is it what we see on T.V.?
Or what we don’t?

On the evening news last week…
A Hispanic male was beaten to death,
By a group of young white boys.

On the evening news this week…
A Hispanic male was beaten and stabbed to death
By a gang of young “black” boys.

On the local news tonight only…
Another field worker dies—details unclear.

What will never make it to the news:
The average lives and hardships of every other individual.
And the lack of biased assertions and stereotypes regarding the rest of the news.

The Land of far of Opportunities,
Land of Broken Dreams,
Land of shattered wings,

But after all the Land that we all love and believe in,
The Land with Hopes and Dreams…

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