My Paper Kite and me

September 5, 2010
By Pebbles BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Pebbles BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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As I watch my paper kite go up into the air, in my heart I felt a sudden flare!! for I know that my kite could fly free but not me.
If only my kite could go up higher up into the sky instead I hold it down. Saying to myself oh kite why should you be free while i watch and plee? You could fly miles away but yet I make you stay! Should I feel pride for what I was doing? No way!! but just then I let go and watched it go with the flo. and at that moment I didnt feel anything I only felt that what I did was let go of all my hope, but as I watched I learned to thee that my hope is inside of me.

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