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Look at me

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One day you’ll become what you’ve never wanted
Actions, choices, consequences, they will get to you
You will become, what you’ve never wanted

You will look into the mirror and see what you’ve never wanted
You will be a haunting nightmare of something
Something that you’ve never wanted

Years ago, you saw yourself as something greater
Now you’re trapped, living this undignified life
You’ve become what you’ve never wanted
What did you want to become?
Not this. Not like this. Not like now.
Before, you had a future as something great

What have you become?
Did you ever change your mind?
One day, did you decide you would become this-
Your very worst nightmare?
You’ve become what you’ve never wanted.
And it’s your entire fault.

Step into your puddle of sorrow and regret
Ripples of regret break your reflection
This day, you decided to become something
Something that you’ve never wanted

Are you satisfied in yourself?
After all, it’s your entire fault
Completely, entirely, it’s your fault

You’ve become something horrible
Something you’ve never wanted
Something you’ve never wanted
Look at yourself, stare, look, just look
Are you satisfied?

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calephchad said...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 11:09 am
Hey, I'm sorry I've gotten on here in forever. But I've gotten into a different site. So all of my new work is on there. It's on this site called tumblr. You should really check it out. It's so easy to post things up. (instead of having to wait months for this site to even post your entry on here.) But yeah, I would love to add you to my email or over facebook. Hit me up sometime.
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