Run sister

September 5, 2010
By Shouldbethere GOLD, Wooster, Arkansas
Shouldbethere GOLD, Wooster, Arkansas
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listen little children
don't you hear that sound?
listen little children
death is all around
it's knocking at the back door
swallowing your fears
feeling for the whole
digging its way in.

Beg little children
for the life you have
beg little children
for your sisters in the towers
waiting for the final petals to fall

Cry little children
to empty your hearts
cry little children
it'll bring you closer to your brother
make him feel what you feel
the pain in your chest
make it real

Run little children
save yourself from dad
he's come to take you home
and moms never been so sad.
Run little children
Lock the closet door
don't let big brother in
he's come back to play with you again....

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