What If?

September 5, 2010
What if the sky, wa no longer blue.
What if 1 plus 1 did not equal 2.
What if the grass was no longer green.
What if te crown was fit for a queen.

What if the birds no longer flew.
What if the flowers didn't bloom.
What if there were no fish in the sea.
What if there was no flight of the bumble bee.

What if Parrots were all black ad white.
What if Wilburand Orivil were not first in flight.
What if there was no fruit to eat.
What if te air, smelled like our feet.

What if there was no night or day.
What there was never a way.
What if there were no bugs or bees.
What if there was no yu or me.

God created Jim and he created you.
He has intentions for him and for you too.
So next time you start to say what if,
thank God for Earth, it's a wonderful gift.

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