September 5, 2010
By Marlene_A. BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Marlene_A. BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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All I knew was that if I didn't at least try, I couldn't live with myself. The risk seemed easier to face than settling into a life of compromise.

Why oh why,
do colors exist?

Is it to describe our mood,
when we say "I am feeling blue."?

Is it to describe the world around us,
when we say "The grass is green."?

Or is it to describe people,
when we say "I am are white."?

They're meant to decribe objects,
not humans.

I am not black.
I am not white.

You do not hear an Asian say "I am yellow."
when asked what they are.

You do not hear a Latino say "I am brown."
when asked what they are.

So why should I answer "I am white."
when I am Italian.

Why should I answer "I am black."
when I am Jamaican.

Why oh why,
can't I just say "I am not a color."

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