True Feelings .....

September 6, 2010
By Jet102409 BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
Jet102409 BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
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I’m feeling poetic so let’s give this a try
A poem for you, how you look in my eyes
You’re an amazing boyfriend that you should know
You can be such a bum but I love you though

Our fights were so pointless, they weren’t worth it
But now is much better, we’re growing as a couple I must admit
I know you don’t believe me when I tell you so
But baby you’re so handsome of that I know

Your eyes so deep, a gaze like no other
When you stare at me, you make me shudder
Your charming words sends shivers down my spine
The way you make me feel is just so sublime

Here’s a secret, I love the way your kisses taste
Those times you wrapped your arms around my waist
Every time we touch we feel a spark
You came into my life and left a mark

The times when I lost you have broken my heart
But then you mended it and promised we’d never part
Butterflies are everywhere when you hold me tight
Moments with you are such a delight

Our eyes connected during our first dance
What we have is a budding romance
You’re all I need in this world my love
You’re heaven sent from way up above

I cherish every memory I have when we’re together
Cause now I now, I want to be with you forever
I promise you one thing, I’ll always stay true
And baby you know that you’ll always be my boo

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