Signed Away

September 6, 2010
By behindbeauty BRONZE, Greenfield, Indiana
behindbeauty BRONZE, Greenfield, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
I found beauty in the world, and more faith in humanity.

When I look into his deep hazel eyes, I find love
Love that even the most complex of human minds
Could not comprehend.

I find the way he smiles like a million perfect
Pearls shining to blind everyone who looks
At the flawlessness of them

When I hear his laugh, it’s like a thousand perfect
Angels harmonizing a tune so dazzling my heart
Pounds like a drum when he giggles at me

When I feel his warm arms wrap around me my
Heart stops and starts again. I could so easily
Die within his security hugs

His winks he throws my way send me for a whirl
As my heart thumps in my chest and my stomach
Comes to my throat. I forget how to breathe.

Every thing seemed perfect, seemed lovely
I never wanted it to end. Then he signed away
His life. Across the sea, with the marines.

The author's comments:
I fell in love with a soldier fighting to keep me safe.

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