The Cruelest Creature

September 8, 2010
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You see a rainbow
When you look to the sky
And put everything on hold
It calls your name
It leads you on
Straight to a pot of gold
But in the trees
Are Leprechauns
Matter of fact, they’re all around
It doesn’t take long
To turn and run
Feet pounding the ground
You know they’re vicious
You know they’re mean
You know you don’t stand a chance
At least I do
Don’t know about you
On hot coals I’d rather dance
They don’t hesitate
They attack on a whim
Without proper cause
And I know it’s a fact
Don’t doubt me on that
They’ve never lost their wars

Trust me on this
Trust me on that
They’re the most vicious creatures on earth
There ain’t no question
Ever in my mind
In cruelty they get first

You follow a river
To a waterfall
And drop into a lake
Lined with pearls
Along the bottom
There, for you to take
Surrounded by mermaids
Stunningly beautiful
It’s mermaid galore
And the deeper you go
The bigger the pearls
As for mermaids, there’s more
They’re terrible creatures
So bloodthirsty
And you know it’s true
Everyone knows
They scratch and bite
Well, at least I do
It doesn’t take long
To set ‘em off
Even without cause
And it’s known
Throughout the world
They’ve never lost their wars

Trust me on this
Trust me on that
They’re the cruelest creatures in the sea
There ain’t no question
At the podium
The very top they’ll always be

It’s well known
That in the trees
And soaring through the sky
Certain creatures rule
And you know those are
The ones that can fly
The owls and falcons
Vultures and eagles
Don’t forget the hawks
The birds that caw
Or even tweet
And definitely squawk
And we know
They can be mean
Their talons grip and hold
So in a contest
Of cruelty
They get a medal of gold
And I wrack my brain
My deepest thoughts
Because there’s a kicker
In the end
The very end
There’s only one victor

Then it hits me
The answer’s there
In the palm of my hand
The cruelest creature
On the planet is us
It’s man

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apocalyptigirl said...
Oct. 2, 2010 at 10:00 pm
Honestly, without the ending stanza, I would not like this poem at all. I did like how you made it relevant in the end, though. For the rest of it, I disliked the rather contrived rhyme and thought the flow was a little awkward in places. I think if you made it shorter and simpler, without using so many rhymes/cliches/repetitive description, it would be better. ~J7X
CallMeFelix replied...
Oct. 4, 2010 at 3:02 pm
Thanks =) I may work to shorten it out
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