September 8, 2010
By LindsayMarie GOLD, Duluth, Minnesota
LindsayMarie GOLD, Duluth, Minnesota
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I used to think that things could change…
Reverse all of the damage that I have sustained over the years…
Reality has set in and I now realize that hope is for the foolish.

Like a caged bird, my soul grows restless
Yearning for freedom, acceptance
Yet receiving nothing but pain and disgrace

There is a hole inside of me
It used to house a throbbing, beating, life-filled mechanism
All that remains is a torn, mangled, and bleeding wound that will ache for all of eternity

My soul cries out in agony
Your cruelty manipulates my requests
Hug me (Hurt me!) Love me (Loathe my every action and emotion!) Comfort me (Verbally abuse me!)

The vicious cycle continues, further gorging my insides
My time here will end soon
And you will not even notice or care

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