September 17, 2010
By Jazmyne Mack BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Jazmyne Mack BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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i prefer to seen and not heard
i like to shine with things i do
show my God given talent
bless the ones around me in spite
of my circumstances, i want to bless you
i give you my love, i see you need me
can i help you mam, sir , child
can i help you
i love to go to church to learn the bible
i live by what I've learned
i play my trumpet at church
i make a joyful noise unto the lord
that's what i learned
i make good grades in school
i make my mom and dad proud
i do my chores, a little extra from time to time
sometimes i get into trouble and receive negative attention
i do these things that some may call mischievous
others may call just plain bad
i say i like to shine by my good works
i learned last Sunday
that i am the salt of the earth
so i will season it by brightening someones day
why some may say
that answer is simple
I Like To Shine!

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