painful past

September 8, 2010

you dont know me you dont know my pain my life just thinking about it makes me hurt standing just staring what happened to caring acting like they cant stop glaring watching waiting whats with all the hating i know i didnt deserve the disrespect this just hurts to recollect why cant i make it clear that what happened in the past shouldnt be here things always keep going and im stuck knowing when this happened she lost my respect when people got hurt she lost her intellect i was dissapointed and embarrassed to see it was on national tv i just keep wondering why it happened to us happened to me i shouldnt be talking or thinking about it this was so long ago and so many people already know me and my painful past and i just want to let it go you now know me you now know my pain my life

The author's comments:
my teacher gave it to us as an assignment i hope people will realize that life isnt always perfect and some people are hurt on the inside

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