My Radio

September 8, 2010
Yesterday I wondered if love would be hard to find if I had a boss.But today im sitting here listening to the radio and I can't turn it off.With every tune and melody I remember everything I lost.Its been a long time coming I think iv paid my cost.As tears fall in my lap my heart turns into winter frost.Im screaming your name and punching on the walls.Making a complete ass of myself because its not going to change your mind at all.But the music keep playing an I continue to cry.As I reach for the button I'm blinded by a water filled eye.So I lay very still with my back to the floor.Praying that I stop loving you because you don't want me anymore.My blood pumping heavily as I stomp upon the ground.My body begin to jerk as it continue to hear these combination of sounds.I blame that stupid radio for all the pain that I feel.But truth be told without it I would kill.

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LyrikalTreasure said...
Oct. 5, 2010 at 11:23 am
No one has commented and I wonder why.If its not a great selection could you guys tell me that and discuss your opinion as to why not.please and thank you!
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