love is a big word

September 6, 2010
By Sarah Marchisio GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
Sarah Marchisio GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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Love is that thing we throw around
These four letters with such a sweet sound
The word that takes only 2 people to be found
But this words takes time to be unwound
Today every other girl is shouting “I love you”
When they really have no idea what it truly is
From the days of watching Winnie the pooh
Love has always been around and over our heads in a whiz

Wish upon a star to get that guy of your dreams
While the little ones across the world are wishing for a single person to love them
You take your thoughts of love to every extreme
But guess what they are the ones that need to be seen as gems
Not you because you’re lonely and want someone to hug
Not you because you want the attention
But love them because they don’t know life different than death and drugs
They are the victims of our world’s “love” and tensions

So if you don’t have enough of your “love” to spread
Find those people close you can fall for
The ones there to catch you when tears are shed
Because there is no place harder to fall that the floor
Love is that feeling of total safety
When you can be yourself and never look back
The people to calm you anxiety and unsureties
These are the people we love

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