Everything I need to Know in Life I learned from The Beatles

September 6, 2010
By LoriBird BRONZE, Bathurst, Other
LoriBird BRONZE, Bathurst, Other
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"I'm seventeen and I'm Crazy."

All I really need to know about life I learned from Paul, John, George and Ringo. Their chart toppers have mended, consoled and inspired my heart. Here is what they taught me.?When you want to hold someone's hand, tell them. Don't waste time not holding hands because life is too short for that. ?It's important to have someone to grow old with. Someone to keep the door unlocked, to always need you, someone to feed you. It will all make sense when you're Sixty Four.? Know that being happy isn't always so complicated. It can be as simple as dancing with you. ? Sometimes it's best to come in through the bathroom window. This is especially useful when other residents are sleeping and you would prefer not to disturb them. ?With a little help from your friends, you can get by. The good ones will always be there for you. Even when times are hard.Even when you sing out a tune (or whistle one) they will never walk out on you. ? We all live beneath the waves. Maybe not exactly in a yellow submarine, but in the boat we call Earth. We're all sailors floating in space, relying on the members of our crew to make it to shore. ?No possesions, issues or religions should ever come before a fellow human being. No sky, no ground, no Heaven or Hell should affect how you treat one another. Imagine that. ?Don't be afraid. Because the ony thing to fear is fear itself. Music can get you through anything, so take a sad song and make it better. ?Happiness is a warm toasted bagel. At least, that's what I think they meant by 'gun'. ?All you need is Love

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poem thing :)

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I really like this.


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