You Are Still a Part of Me

September 7, 2010
You left me here,
So now do you expect me to stay
Cause I'm here without you
Am I still on your mind
I still think about you all the time
I remember what you said
All the things that came through your lips
I know your favorite thing to say all to well
You would tell me life is overrated
You knew I wasn't ready
Yeah I made the plan
But it was too early to do
I could've tried harder
But I told myself you'ld be found and stopped
Or you would decide to wait for me
You were still a baby, so young
Now I'm left here without you
I'm here without my baby
I've grown much colder since you left
Don't think that I forget about you
Cause I think about you,
And dream about you all the time
Trust me sweetie your still with me in my dreams
When my time comes
This dream will become our night
The night of you and me
I still ask myself why I didn't stop you
But I don't think about it the same anymore
Most people don't know
That I'm here without you
But you're still in my mind
When I'm last to fall
It'll be hard but we will have our night
I miss your pretty face
People should think differently
Cause they say our ways are a disgrace
Why do I listen to them
They say life gets better
You don't listen maybe your choice was the right one
Cause it's not getting better for me
Especially cause I'm here without you
Even though your still with me in my dreams
Our night may be soon
But you might have to wait some more

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