I’ll hold your hand

September 7, 2010
By Angelica Huitzil PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Oregon
Angelica Huitzil PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Oregon
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Those things you told me a while back
I hear
Those smiles you gave me, I smiled back
I remember
Those times you held me, but those thoughts lack
You disappear
But not forever

I told you lets be friends
But you held my hand
And smiled that smile
I just thought can I not love you just for a little while
But my heart breaks every time you walk away
And when you smile you make my day
You’re just about my favorite person
The things you say and the way you look
Is enough to make me never go away
So lets be more then just a friend
And I’ll hold your hand

Your voice is all I need
Without you my heart will bleed
To see you almost every day
Will be my only wish
Only if I can have it my way
When you’re gone it hurts so much I begin to miss

I'll hold your hand

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