Heaven and Back

August 14, 2010
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There are a couple things
I'd like to say
You have replaced my black wings
Thanks to you, I will be okay

I thought I'd lost it all
But here you come in a flash
It felt like we were at a masquerade ball,
Behind that mask, you were batting those eyelashes

I hit cloud nine in 3.6 seconds
You're making it rain diamonds
Damn girl, you got me
I won't hide it
You have me on my knee
I am ready to commit

Oh damn, what just happened?
Let me rewind
This is more then I ever imagined
Let me snap back to reality, I've been reassigned
I can't get you off my mind

I won't try Inception
There will be no deception
I think it's a pretty clear perception
I want you and you want me

At least I'd like to hope <3

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