One Day at a Time

August 14, 2010
By Flowne SILVER, Bedford, Virginia
Flowne SILVER, Bedford, Virginia
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One day after time goes by
You'll be mine not just as my girl
But as my wife and my child's mother
When those days come
I just don't know what I'll do with myself
I'll just be way too ecstatic

One day after time goes by
I'll hit the ground without hesitation
Fall onto that one knee and take your hand
Ask you, Danci Renee C. to take my hand
Into a new wonderful world. Our world.
Take the biggest step in commitment without a second thought
Hold Brooklyn as my own as if she came from my very own blood

One day after time goes by
Standing in front of you in my tuxedo
Looking at your gorgeous face as I recite my vows
Watching as the tears stroll down your face
Saying I do when he asks
Taking you into my arms and kissing you passionately

One day after time goes by
I'll be standing next to you by that hospital bed
Crying my eyes out as I watch you scream in pain
Crying my eyes out as I watch our life take another turn
Seeing part of us come together into this world
A beautiful creature to always remind us of what we have

One day after time goes by
We'll be back on that same spot
Renewing our vows once again
Showing you that when I said unconditional
It meant til the day I die

One day after time goes by
I will see that wrinkly face
As we watch our grandchildren run around
And tell you that you look just as beautiful as the day I met you
Hold and kiss you the same way I did for so many long years

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