Maybe, One Day

August 13, 2010
By little.miss.mars SILVER, Darien, Illinois
little.miss.mars SILVER, Darien, Illinois
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Maybe, one day
She'll realize
That we don't sell our lattes with whip cream on the top
And that she gets extra when I notice her smile isn't quite there

Maybe, one day
She'll notice
That I take my breaks when I see her walk in
With her papers covered in her handwriting falling out of the folder
Because I know she'll ask me what I think of her novel

I tell her what I like and don't like
I give her the truth
Because it needs to be published
She works so hard

Maybe, one day
Jim and Vic and Carrie
and Lisa and Alex and
Everyone who works at the coffee shop
Won't laugh at me anymore for
Caring for her so much

Because I'll be sitting with her
When I'm not at work
And not wearing that dumb apron
Because she might not think of me as "Just Kevin"
Or "Coffee Shop Kevin"
Or "My Best Friend Kevin"

Maybe, one day
She'll walk through the doors
Angry, like she is every time
She fights with her brother
And realize
I get Vic to cover me
For fifteen minutes
(And pay him back in free food later on)
Just so she can tell me
Everything that happened and
Even cry if she wants to

Maybe, one day
When she watches me sing
On Saturday nights with my guitar
At the shop
She'll smile her pretty smile
Because she'll know what songs
Are about her

Maybe, just maybe
One day.

The author's comments:
I thought about writing this as a short-story, but wrote it more easily as a poem.

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