Scream of the Wind

August 13, 2010
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There is never absolute
forever the murmur
of the trees
and the song
of the rain

There is never absolute
forever a battle
between love and hate
our hearts

As you stand on
the mountain
blood dripping
from the knife on your

tears falling
from your eyes

you ask only this

why is not there
only peace
and no war
why is not there
only mercy
and not hate
why is not there
only mercy
and never cruelty

and unto you
a voice shall preach
shall sing

It is for peace and war
love and hate
mercy and cruelty
are brothers
and one
in the goodness of itself
shall never bear
to see its brother


the walls of Hell crumble
its darkness
bleeds into our veins

And the gates of Heaven shatter
its light
shines into our eyes

But the darkness
shall not cloak us
for all along
have we been hidden

And the light
shall not blind us
for all along
have we been sightless

against your skin
you feel the wind
recklessly rushing
around you

And with the strength
of the wind
it is a scream
so loud
so long
ringing across the mountaintops

with the wind
the scream carries
your voice
your spirit
and as it breaks
you open your eyes

and alas
there is only beyond
the abyss
an endless

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