Living The Dream

August 13, 2010
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I found my way,
Down an empty road,
Where dreams are made,
But nothing is ever set in stone.

I took my chances,
And tripped over cracks,
Burnt my hope to ashes,
And always fell back.

With my head held high,
I stood on two feet,
Never said I would cry,
But I had to accept defeat.

A loss in my life,
Is like a victory in yours.
You’re actions were made of a knife,
But I guess that’s what causes wars.

I’m just trying to keep myself together,
Because I could do worse,
And you could to better,
Even when it hurts.

When I try to speak,
I make no sound.
The words I want are out of reach,
But they’ve never been so loud.

I’ve been bruised,
I’ve been hurt.
I’ve been confused,
I’ve been kicked to the dirt.
And when I try to scream,
My words fall flat.
Fame brought me to nothing,
And I guess that means I’m living the dream.

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