Daddy's Love

August 13, 2010
He's the best.
He makes me laugh when I want to cry.
He encourages me to do things I'm scared to do.
He's there when I have the worst dreams ever.

Daddy's Love is the best.
Sometimes he's busy
Sometimes I don't get to talk to him.

Daddy's Love gives me the strength to move on
He wants me to be happy.
So I want him to be as well

He's my hero because I know he won't let me down.
He helps me find my way
When life get ruff.

Daddy's Love protects me.
He surprises me with presents
Even if I don't want them

Daddy will never leave
He shows me everything in life
Daddy? Why can't you be here with me?
Your so far away.

I'm safe when he's around.
I find myself happy.

Daddy's Love makes me smile.
when I'm with him nothing can hurt me.
He helps me with my fears.

Daddy's Love...
I Love You Dad

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