What is Beauty?

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

What is beauty?
Is it something I can touch? Is it something I can feel? Is it something I am? I can become?
What is beauty?
Is it tall and slender? Blonde hair, blue eyes?
Or is it a curvy green- eyed brunette?
Is a healthy new- born baby beauty?
Is it mountains of treasure, overflowing with diamonds and ancient rubies?
Is it?
What is beauty?
Society has an idea of what beauty is. All these things are beautiful.
If you are big, thick, plump, ypu can not be beautiful.
If you do not look like a Peresian model, there is no hope for you.
You're baby came out disfunctional, premature.
Baby is not beautiful.
Crooked teeth? Repulsive.
Frizzy hair? Unattractive.
Poverty? You are ugly.
Your breasts are not rounded like the domes of Jerusalem.
You are ugly.
Your neck is not an ivory tower, long like the Swan Princess.
You are ugly.
The boys at school do not look upon you, longing for you.
You are ugly.
Are they ugly? Are you ugly?
Lies, all lies.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
So look in the mirror.
Behold your OWN beauty.

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