Egypt, Thou Fallen Star!

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Egypt! Thou fallen star, thou which did make nations fall, dead beneath thy crushing foot,
Egypt! Son of the morning, thy children cry out in hunger, walking skeletons scowering the scorned Earth, their cracked lips yeilding horrendous sounds suffering of desert thirst, sick are the children of Egypt, sickly are the whip holders and the overseers, dying are the masters and oppressors,
the Children of Egpyt suffer...
Egypt! Unconquerable empire, Prince amongst kings, thy stubborness has cost thine kingdom life and life abundantly, thy anger kindled against Truth and Justice has cost thine house life,
the fruit of thine own body lies cold in thy hands,
the offspring of EGYPT LIES, dead in thy hands,
their blood is on thy hands... the banks of Nile are red with their blood,
on thy hands...
O Stubborn Conquerer! Thy riches are reduced to the dust of the Earth,
you reak amongst theives and beggars whom you so graciously scorned, Why??
Why, O Beloved of Ra, why did you not hear the cry of your slaves? why did you not hear the Command of the Hebrew God, He Whose Hands crafted the sand upon which you stand, and
Ruleth the Universe whom you so foolishly thought was under thine command,
Prince among stars, look upon thine IGNORANCE!
You did not yeild to the Power of the Hebrew God,
your heart was that of the the stone Sphynx,
hard and unmoving,
unmoving as you stand on the banks of Nile,
wishing with all the power of Ra that YOU HAD moved and heard the Voice of Almighty,
Ra, HA! There is no Ra, HA! The world laughs at your Ra,
laughter is what you hear...
do you hear, O Egpyt?
The Chosen Children of the Hebrew
God whom you so sinfully scorned laugh,
laugh and sing praises as they march on to their Promised Land,
free of your bondage, O Defeated One,
Listen to their laughs...
Listen... stand on Nile... defeated... and listen...

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