September 6, 2010
On this gorgeous, wonderful, sunny
I lie in bed at 12:21

wondering, blankly
what it takes to be
now I see, I try too hard

to scratch my thoughts onto a page,
even harder
to get others to understand them

But, hey, whats the matter
with trying?
Especially if it involves making the
tastiest pasta in all
the town of

Not really.
That's where teenage Clark Kent
That most definatly is not here.

In this town,
Lex Luther is the least of our worries--

I think that's a cliché,
well, sorry
for saying something
you most likely
have already heard.

tomorrow I might
get into photography.
That way
I will have two unoriginal hobbies,
thrive on originality.

But, for now
on this gorgeous, wonderful, sunny
I will
lie in bed
at 12:21.

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pixiedust15 said...
Sept. 20, 2010 at 8:21 pm
Creative. Suuny night? Never heard of a sunny night b4..lol. meaning?
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