August 31, 2010
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Why did we have to grow up?
Can't we stay on the playground?
Stay off the roads
Out of the real world
I want to go back to Kindergarten!
Back to when fights with friends lasted minutes
Back to when boys believed in cooties
And girls thought boys were icky
We could play 'make believe' for hours
Sleepovers were spent making tents and actually sleeping
Whereas now...
Fights can tear us apart
Boys hurt us again and again
Girls back stab to get a boy to like them more
We barely see each other due to conflicting busy schedules
Sleepovers are spent in tears over boys or ranting about our over-protective parents
But we can't go back
We can't stop time
As much as we want to slow down
And be little again
It won't halt for us
We can't return to Kindergarten
When everything was easy
When life was simple

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