Life of a Shadow

September 3, 2010
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It went without saying
that the beauty of temptation
was the snake that drew Eve to the apple
And the crimson stains
etched into the bindings
would never wear thin
Without remorse, the shadow looked to the sun
and both cursed and worshiped it
for its creation and destruction
For after all, it was only the all powerful entity
that could give birth to the shadow
and bring it to creation
dancing, living, breathing, feeling
and still hold the dagger
that would pierce the very heart of its offspring
of the shadow
and still the sun that knew no relinquish
ran behind the hill's charred lips
with nothing more than the solace of a coward
to stain its guilty maw
The shadow did not complain
nor did it drown in its own poignant self pity
it simply sat and waited for the end of its bittersweet birth
Insatiable fingertips brushing the chains that bound
and clasped its body
and tied it to its reason
It watched,
watched creatures with souls of their own will
strut back and forth
basking in the power reality bestowed upon them
and as the sun set behind its shield
and the shadow's life ebbed away, away, away
it wondered why
it had been cursed such an existence
of a shadow

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