Will you?

September 3, 2010
By , Magnolia, TX
Will you love me if I’m afraid to play in the light?
Some say its wrong; will you be the one to tell me it’s alright?
Will you hold me when I cry at night?
Sometimes I’m just sad; I hope you’re my starlight.
Tomorrow I will be ok I swear, just remind me you love and care.
I’m an encrypted code; the only way to understand me is time and study.

I’m like a sunrise, never the same colors.
And like the wind I dance, swirl and spin.
Don’t try to catch and tame me.
Embrace the way I choose your hand and not any other man.
My heart is in full throttle.
I caress your soul with all my love.
I would fight the demons and question heaven above.
Too show you you’re my true love.

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