Child's Play

September 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I’ve let you manipulate me
And then lied about it
You made her right
When you always denied what she said.

Stop confusing me please
Me, her, or that other one.
You can’t have all three
Stop breaking me.

I’ve let you hurt me
For far too long
And I’m the one who’s suffering for it
Not you.

You can kiss me
And I’ll love it
But I’ll remain strong and intact
I’ll know the truth.

You go to her house every night
You comfort her and let me drown.
You press your lips to mine
And say I confuse you.

You are confused,
But it’s not my fault.
I have 14 days.
Can you figure yourself out?

I won’t be played.
Do you want me to move on?
Answer me this.
I know you’ll say no.

I can’t hold my breath forever
Give me an oxygen tank.
One that works and
Doesn’t run out.

I’m trying to repair myself
Pulling my bits and pieces back together.
But you keep hiding them.
I don’t like this hide-and-seek anymore.

Stop being mean
That was for fifth grade.
Find a way to stop my pain.
Kill me, heal me, let me go.

Figure yourself out
Don’t hurt me anymore.
This is my stand
Hear my voice.

I’m not your toy
You can’t just rip me to pieces
And get another one.
There’s only one, and she’s begging please.

The author's comments:
I finally got tired of being walked all over and decided to speak the truth.

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