September 2, 2010
You can make just a riddle or rhyme,
Just don’t talk any piffle.
Just listen… but don’t you copy ‘cause I’m
Not just a fanatical.

Originality is key,
But knowledge is the lock.
Don’t bother; this is finicky…
Go on, this is the knock

On your door, hurry up now and decide.
I’m not coming by here again.
Chances like this come once in a lifetime.
Run along now and grab your pen-

Cilia sumac wired must be the taste,
Oar ell sue wood have gotten this “BYE NOW!”
I urge you to shut your door in great haste.
Surely you know what this riddle is about?

Read it again, check your p’s, q’s and b’s, d’s
Clearly you are a great waste of my time.
I am here because there are some who need me…
And my touch of originality.

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Chica-de-sonrisas said...
Oct. 12, 2010 at 12:36 pm alot of people have been confused about this poem, in the 4th stanza..all the "gibber" i used are actually real words in real life, but if you split them up in the middle,they make up different words. "...pen-cil i assume acquired must be the taste, or else you would have gotten this by now..."
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