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September 1, 2010
I am going places...

like the store,

the dry cleaner's,

the movies,

and home.

I am going to be someone...

like a clown,

or a mail woman,

or a cashier,

or a health inspector.

I could make money...

like two bucks,

or three bucks,

or five bucks,

two nickels and a dime.

I could cause serious damage...

like spill orange juice,

or step on your foot,

or forget to say please,

or cough in your face.

I could be anyone...

like a fairy princess,

the Queen of England,

Dora the Explorer,

or a man.

I could say anything...

like “this”,

and “that”,

and maybe “this” again,

and “the other.”

I could be anything...

like magic,

or 100 feet tall,

or three people at once,

or even you.

I could be in charge of things...

like shoelaces,

and my own toys,

and folding laundry,

and eating by myself.

I could become worldly important...

like Zach Effron,

or Willie Wonka,

or Betty Crocker,

or Adolf Hitler.

I could make a real difference...

with chocolate,

or pizza,

or pudding,

or a giant pizza with a pudding-stuffed crust dipped in chocolate.

I could change the future...

like tomorrow,

or next week,

or two minutes ago...

or never.

I could...


I couldn't.

I am going places...

Like Chuck-E-Cheese,

and WalMart,

and Applebees...

but only if I'm good.

I am growing up
growing young.
Learning up
learning down
learning why
I am going
where there are fountains of pink
and rainbows of gold
and space that's not seen
where I'll never grow old.

I am going places and times
I am leaving faces
that only i could have seen
all along
and only i could have made
in this world that rushes upward
and outward
open doors
eager dates
growing up.
I don't want to grow up.
Not tonight.
Cuz tonight there's a
Scooby-Doo marathon on.
And tomorrow's no good for me either.

I am going...

to my Neverland home.

Where i can keep my eyes shut

and my dreams whole

cuz just for tonight

i'd like to hold on to my childish soul.

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