I am going...

September 1, 2010
By miss-poli GOLD, Bowdon, Georgia
miss-poli GOLD, Bowdon, Georgia
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"I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone. "
-World's Greatest Dad

I am going places...

like the store,

the dry cleaner's,

the movies,

and home.

I am going to be someone...

like a clown,

or a mail woman,

or a cashier,

or a health inspector.

I could make money...

like two bucks,

or three bucks,

or five bucks,

two nickels and a dime.

I could cause serious damage...

like spill orange juice,

or step on your foot,

or forget to say please,

or cough in your face.

I could be anyone...

like a fairy princess,

the Queen of England,

Dora the Explorer,

or a man.

I could say anything...

like “this”,

and “that”,

and maybe “this” again,

and “the other.”

I could be anything...

like magic,

or 100 feet tall,

or three people at once,

or even you.

I could be in charge of things...

like shoelaces,

and my own toys,

and folding laundry,

and eating by myself.

I could become worldly important...

like Zach Effron,

or Willie Wonka,

or Betty Crocker,

or Adolf Hitler.

I could make a real difference...

with chocolate,

or pizza,

or pudding,

or a giant pizza with a pudding-stuffed crust dipped in chocolate.

I could change the future...

like tomorrow,

or next week,

or two minutes ago...

or never.

I could...


I couldn't.

I am going places...

Like Chuck-E-Cheese,

and WalMart,

and Applebees...

but only if I'm good.

I am growing up
growing young.
Learning up
learning down
learning why
I am going
where there are fountains of pink
and rainbows of gold
and space that's not seen
where I'll never grow old.

I am going places and times
I am leaving faces
that only i could have seen
all along
and only i could have made
in this world that rushes upward
and outward
open doors
eager dates
growing up.
I don't want to grow up.
Not tonight.
Cuz tonight there's a
Scooby-Doo marathon on.
And tomorrow's no good for me either.

I am going...

to my Neverland home.

Where i can keep my eyes shut

and my dreams whole

cuz just for tonight

i'd like to hold on to my childish soul.

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