The Gift

September 1, 2010
By GabbyM GOLD, Wentzville, Missouri
GabbyM GOLD, Wentzville, Missouri
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Curse the twisted sender of the gift that lay before me.
Though it arrived a while ago, still I stare at it in disbelieve and awe.
A wondrous and gruesome thing of mixed feelings and fates
Which could all entwine and be the end of me.
Within is a blessing, a beautiful love
But around it is a small curse that makes reaching the thing I desire most quite difficult.
If only this thing was truly a gift in form
So that its terrible wrapping may be discarded and done away with, never to be seen again.
And what else what would be left but the loveliest thing imaginable?
What would be left but the most heavenly and amazing love in all the world?

Oh, if only, if only the world where fair.
If only the Gods weren’t as cruel and sick minded as they are.
For if they where, then all the poor souls like myself would be able to reach happiness.
And though I am happy (perhaps more than I deserve in fact) with the light of my life,
My salvation from hell, my angel on earth, and love of my life...
I cannot help but think that my life would be somehow happier if only I could be with him.
It hurts me so when his heart does waver, and he doubts the probability of our love succeeding…
Still I keep a smile, because hurting him would give me more pain than he could possibly bring me.

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