Three Cheers for Freedom Warriors

August 28, 2010
By JaimeNichole SILVER, Trenton, Michigan
JaimeNichole SILVER, Trenton, Michigan
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Life is a lie. Reality is an illusion. And sanity is insanity in disguise.

Here's to the bandits,
The thieves of our memories.
Here's to the robinhood of lives...
Or was it lies?
Here's to the change from the American Dream.
What is this dream?
All we have left are miniscule drops of what should have been,
Or could have been.
But some of us,
We are the outlaws of our societies.
The warriors in this rebellion,
Rebellion against the new dream.
We will be the ones to change these:
Here's to the plastic, stick thin dolls.
No thoughts, simply toys,
Walking and reciting what was programmed in them.
Here's to the man who strikes down his wife,
Whipping his child,
And sipping his old friend.
Here's to the shattered homes,
The sliced up skin.
Here's to the toxic fumes,
To the nauseous wasteland.
Here's to monetary corruption,
And twisted leaders.
Here's to violence,
And lack of gun control.
Here's to ignorance,
and lack of freedom.
Here's to the close-minded.
Here's to all of them.
Because they give us a cause to fight.
With words and actions,
Love and hope.
Here's to us,
The ones who see,
We will fight.
Three cheers,
For we are
Freedom warriors.

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