August 28, 2010
By JOYOUS GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
JOYOUS GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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Personally my favorite quote is: "It's better off living for today, than waiting for tomorrow." cause I completely understand it!

I had a dream and I wanted to share it! =)
I saw you,
for the first time in my life,
You're beautiful,
everything any girl would want,
We talked,
and laughed,
we talked for hours,
But it only felt like a second,
you made me blush,
then we laughed again,
you remind me of what we could be,
I go on a journey,
as I look in those beautiful dark brown eyes,
That could hypnotize anyone,
I close my eyes,
You're there,
I make a wish,
But it has already came true,
I fall asleep,
I still feel your presence,
a four letter word,
that is heard a lot,
when is it true they ask,
when is it truthfully coming from they heart,
Is when you wish,
With all your heart,
That the time spent together,
Will never end,
Like a song,
played over and over,
because you love it so much,
You are my knight,
and I'm the princess,
Thanking you,
For saving my life,
from heart brake and torture,
and seal it,
with a kiss.

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