August 28, 2010
By JOYOUS GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
JOYOUS GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Personally my favorite quote is: "It's better off living for today, than waiting for tomorrow." cause I completely understand it!

I look into your,
dark evil eyes,
that stare into my soul,
you reach out of the ground,
to pull your self out,
of the deep,
cold ground,
as I see your corpse,
coming out,
I start to shutter,
as I see the rest of you come out,
I start to run away,
but trip on a stump,
then suddenly the corpse,
starts crawling closer,
and closer to my leg,
and grabs a hold,
I try to brake the clutch,
of his hand,
but it was no use,
I knew there was nothing else I could do,
so I lay there and waited for the right moment,
when finally I got out of his clutches,
and got to my home,
of safety and warmth.

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