August 28, 2010
By JOYOUS GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
JOYOUS GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Personally my favorite quote is: "It's better off living for today, than waiting for tomorrow." cause I completely understand it!

The idea of leaving home,
and not knowing if your coming back.
The feeling that everyone around you,
doesn't even know your name.
The regret of saying hate,
instead of saying your final good-bye.
Then you wonder,
why people cry.

We have a piece inside,
that panics.
Your soul freezes,
and you speak the first thing that comes to mind.
Like when your on stage,
they are all looking.
You knew the words before,
but now, there gone.
You freak out,
start to cry, or get scared.
So you make something up.

is like a scar.
If you scratch it,
it will bleed.
If you forget,
you may make an regret.
I for one,
have been in a situation,
blame, freeze.
But all in which,
is what makes me.
But one thing to know,
is when nervousness is around.
I'll run hide,
and make it leave.
The hopeless soul,
which is yet inside me.

The author's comments:
Wrote this because my friend and I were going on a missions trip and my best friend who was VERY nervous!

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