A Spy's Promise is a Hard One to Keep

August 28, 2010
By SecretAgentGirl BRONZE, Danville, Indiana
SecretAgentGirl BRONZE, Danville, Indiana
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Past day, I woke up late
I smiled as I remembered our date.
But then my phone did ring
And I picked it up without a thing
On my mind; Had I no clue who was on the line?
They told me my new life, not caring 'bout mine.
The ones I'd leave behind, that I love so
But, oh, I wasn't allowed to say no.
They controlled my life
And added in pain and strife.
I wanted to call you, I really, truly did
But I had to settle with a silent bid
Adieu from my window, on that flight to that place
However, don't worry-I'm not going to space.
My plane landed nearby the calming sea,
I looked outside and wanted to be
Only with you on this warm summer night
But where I was at, the wind had a bite.
Shivering, I pull my coat around me
Wishing it was you, and not he
Who kissed my hand, told me I'd like it here
Who said that I would have nothing to fear.
I now know they lied, but they did it so well
I thought they were truthful, but you never could tell.
That's how I got here, right now where I am.
In the teeniest bit of this little jam.
I'm stuck here in this cell, no mention of day
And it's torture, hearing the sounds of the bay.
I'm a bit tied up now, as you can tell
This rope and these gags, well, ain't they swell?
They've certainly tied these ropes really tight
And I'm thinking of you with all my might.
I promised you that I will do my best not to die,
But you have no idea how hard it is to try
To keep my side of the promise.
But, I try, 'cause we sealed it with a kiss.
Now, I'm not gonna tell you how much I miss
That feeling of complete and utter bliss
You fill me with whenever you're near.
However, now I must fear,
I don't want your death; nor mine, too.
But I see that you're here, and your eyes are so blue.
You're bound as well as me, foot and hand.
Now, I can't exactly make a stand.
Seeing as they have you now,
And I don't necessarily have their vow
That they won't harm you
To get to me, too.
That certain feeling I have for you, deep in my chest
That once made me proud, is filling me with unrest.
What is this feeling that takes me above
The land of the living? Is it love?
Fearfully, never again will I feel that
Given the place we're both now at.
We're at the crossroads, at the milestone
I've been crossed; my cover's blown.
They're questioning me about some little thing
A device of sorts, some type of ring.
I don't know what they're going on about
As I constantly try to shout.
One grabs you, and you try to be strong,
But you're not made for this, as I've known all along.
He pulls out a gun, and holds it to you
I'm sorry, but there was nothing I could do.
The man asks again, just once more.
I shake my head, and so ensues the gore.
The gunshot echoes round the room,
And the blood begins to bloom.
The bullet's visibly gone through your head,
There's no doubting the fact that you're certainly dead.
The men have left me, in this room alone
Well, me, you, and that really random bone.
I can't help but look at you now; your eyes are so wide.
You trusted me, and I let 'em commit homicide.
Your body's lying there, next to me, on the ground,
Quite obviously, you're without a sound.
They're coming for me now; my future's bleak,
Still, I cannot help the tear running down my cheek.
They've taken me outside; The sun's on my face.
I'm glad to be out of that horrible place.
That sorrowful place where your body does lay,
I swear to God, my dear, they're going to pay.

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on Oct. 1 2010 at 10:46 pm
The rhyming is rudimentary at best, often going off pace. Something you might want to try is keeping a steady tempo throughout the poem. Nice job with the story-telling, though.


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