2a.m to morning

August 27, 2010
By diex-romantic BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
diex-romantic BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
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The sound of silence we create is something deafening
What happened to these words, lost behind our tongues
The things we choke on as they fight to let loose
The simple things we need to hear but
We don’t know how to say, so we cheapen their meanings
Hoping that someday, someone will understand the hidden message

Let’s get out of our heads for a while
Take me somewhere new
Forget the world and pull me under
Take no notice of whatever may lie beyond
Because when the morning comes, I will lose you
I will break you in two
For tonight, though, let’s fly into the sunset
And hope this is the end
Because forever may never come

I forgot you once, but after tonight I’ll always remember you
You are something foreign, but so enticing
Not a victim, but far from the hero
You are the storm that’s been brewing in my mind
Is it okay to be afraid?

But these are the things we do not say
So instead we continuously swallow our thoughts
Hoping not to choke them back up
In fear of what we’ll take a bite of next
We bite our tongues until they bleed
And this is what we say

This ice is getting thinner and
Our hearts are getting bigger,
And soon they will burst.
Don’t waste the glamour of an explosion on me

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